Stand By Steve:

Stephen P. Stanton Memorial Foundation

The Stand By Steve:  Stephen P. Stanton Memorial Foundation was started to give others opportunities to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of music.  In conjunction with LaSalle College High School, Steve’s beloved Alma Mater, our goal is to provide a scholarship in his name, to students who show a similar passion for the musical arts.  While receiving the world class education that LaSalle provides, Steve created and nurtured relationships that will never end.  Giving these opportunities to a student who would not be able to enjoy these experiences otherwise serves as a small consolation for this entire tragedy.


On May 1, 2015, we hosted the Inaugural Stand By Steve Golf Classic at LuLu Country Club in Abington. We were overwhelmed with the participation in the event with over 225 Golfers, over 75 sponsorships from local businesses and families, and countless donations from near and far.  The inaugural event included a dinner with a special Auction and Raffle that had something for everyone, the donations we received were truly unbeatable.


The first year produced results that exceeded even our most ambitious goals with over $65,000 raised throughout the whole day. This figure has served as motivation for us moving forward and we are confident that, with the encouragement and support of our friends, family, and donors, we will be able to provide some special students with the LaSalle experience that played such a pivotal role in the formation of our best friend Steve Stanton.

We are extraordinarily grateful for all of the support that we have received this far and we are looking forward to a very exciting future!

Stephen Stanton was born April 13, 1991 to his loving parents Dennis and Mary Therese. Baptized at Immaculate Conception Church is Jenkintown, Stephen attended St. Luke’s Grade School, was a 2009 graduate of LaSalle College High School and a 2013 graduate of St. Vincent’s College, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Art Administration.

Steve had a passion for life that was unmatched.  From an early age he developed a love for music, which was nourished with his participation in the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Boys Choir.  Music became a prominent theme in Steve’s life.  His personal piano lessons, participation in musical theater, countless concerts and festivals, along with playing in several local bands led to his unbound love for music of all generations and cultures.  Some would say that if you put Steve behind a piano and added some friends, you would have your own personal Piano Bar.



The 2nd Annual Stand By Steve Golf Classic was held on May 20,2016 once again at LuLu Country Club.  Although Mother Nature did her best to ruin the 2nd installment of the Golf Classic, we were able to reschedule at the last minute, thanks to the terrific support of LuLu Country Club.  The rain date was a beautiful day for all 200 Golfers that participated.     

We were once again awestruck by the support for our cause.  We were fortunate enough to receive sponsorships and donations from countless local businesses and families. Thanks in large part to this generosity we were able to once again host silent and live auction to raise additional funds.  In 2016 we were able to raise $42,000.  

The generosity that we have encountered through 2 years has been truly amazing.  We are hopeful that after this years outing we will be able to begin funding a students education at LaSalle, all in the name of our great friend Steve.